Membership in the NCCB is open to musicians of all ages. The Conductor determines the number of players needed for each section. When a musician is needed to fill a position, applicants have a short interview with the Conductor to evaluate playing experience. Adults will have the choice of auditioning for a position or of “sitting in” for a month before final acceptance. Students high school age or younger must audition for the Conductor before “sitting in.” Positions in each section not filled permanently will be available to snowbirds and visitors only when the sound of the section will not be compromised. Potential new members must talk with the Conductor before “sitting in” a rehearsal. Seating within sections is at the discretion of the conductor and section leader.


If you make the commitment to be a member of the NCCB, you are expected to attend all rehearsals and concerts. This commitment may not always be possible due to personal or family issues. If you must miss a rehearsal or performance, please inform the conductor and your section leader ASAP.

Any absence from rehearsal(s) leading to a concert performance will have a detrimental effect on the band. All rehearsals are important; none more so than the final dress rehearsal.

It is not in the best interest of the NCCB for a member to miss rehearsals and then “show up” for a concert. Any member who must miss rehearsal(s) leading up to a concert will need to consult with the conductor for permission to perform in the scheduled concert.

If you might be interested in talking with our conductor about joining the NCCB, please complete the form on our Contact Us page.