Charles and Alice Abbott
Gerald and Janet Abely
Lew and Ellie Alpaugh
Ray and Coleen Anderson
Michael and Ann Andreano
James and Joy Andrews
James and Paula Anspach
Joan P. Arndt
Lee and Gunther Assenmacher
Carole S. Baker
Marnie Baird
Harold J. Barbret
Linda Barnebee and Walt Smith
Jerry and Hope Bates
Mel and Tina Beckelhimer
Sharon Beckwith
Chauncey and Ingrid Benedict
Sid and Jackie Benjamin
Doris and Jerome Beoit
Barbara Benson
Bob and Mary Boelk
Bill and Connie Bookwalter
Ruth Bowen
Maralyn Nell Boysen
Bob Brashear
Barbara and Menzo Bridge
Martha Brown
Stanley Brumaghim
Frances Bruner
Bob and Judy Bunting
Hank and Rita Butler
Jan and Howard Butow
Donald and Kathy Calhoun
Ross and Jean Carley
Helen Carlsen
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Carpenter
Dan and Linda Cashman
Barbara Dee and Roy Cawley
Betty A. Clark
Berry and Jean Clarke
Blair and Carol Clauss
Eloise and Joe Coffey
Lois W. Collins
Dorothy Collister
Ruth A. Cook
Richard E. Cronk, Sr.
Fred and Linda Daniels
Shirley Davey and Elizabeth Guinta
Betty and Dave Davis
Howard D. Day
Bill and Jackie Dean
Howard and Marie DeGrouchy
Irene V. Dickinson
Beverly Dildine
Laura Dixon
Jane Dodge and Clyde Benson
Dean and Anita Dolbeck
Martha and Ernie Dorrell
Mary C. Dorsey
Heidi Dowe
June Dreger-Parsons
James and Nancy DuBois
Patricia A. Duffy
Frank and Frankie Durr
Lorna Eastman
Curt and Mari-Elain Ebitz
John F. Edmunds
Wayne and Connie Emerson
Gordon and Rosemary Evans
Gary and Diane Evans
Teddi and Paul Fain
Charles and Hedwig Fair
Pat Felton
Frances W. Finley
Peggy and Bob Firminger
Melvin J. Fish
Ginny and Dick Fitzgerald
Doris and Jack Flynn
Ernest and Darla Fowler
Eileen and Howard Fox
Diana Frankowski
Raymond and Marlene Frey
Russ and Becky Gibson
Lisbeth Goetter
Peggy and Ken Goss
James and Margery Graham
Tom and Pat Green
Lori Greene
Albert and Jacqueline Griffith
Trish Grove
Jan and Al Grubman
James and Merry Guinn
Richard and Addy Hackl
Marion Hamilton and John Mounts
Clara and Frank Hamlin
Tom and Carol Hanson
Paul and Georgia Harris
William and Shirley Hartley
George and Veni Hausold
Dean and Nancy Haven
Harold and Mary Hayes
Peter Haynes and Judy Bates
Ann Hayward
Cindy Hazzard
Gerald and Nora Hebson
James and Barbara Higdon
Connie and Fred Hilpert
Wayne Hilton and Betty Knieper
Merl and Pat Hoar
Jesse and Barbara Hobby
Mike and Terry Holt
Cindy Houston
Emma Hubbartt
Charles and Dorothy Huelsmann
Mary Lee Johnson
Nada Jones and William Pagels
Doug and Sophie Jordan
Lorraine and Dennis Jutras
Mr. and Mrs. James Kauth
Warren and Gladys Kean
Bettie Kelley
Lloyd Kendall
John and Pam Kennedy
Tamara Knollman
Betty Koenders
Richard and Lorrie Larson
John Lawrey
Harold and Pat Layman
Rick and Lois Lenhart
Ruth Levins
Bob and Cathy Lieberman
Barbara and Judson Lincoln
Bill and Linda Lippiatt
Gladys and Robert Longtin
Leroy and Louise Loveland
Ron and Lilli Lytle
Barbara Mackanos
Ted Mandry and Helen Thereda
Pete and Kathy Marr
Anthony and Barbara Maruca
Susan Mauro
Jane Mazzacua
Alexander and Helga McConnell
Robeert B. McCullough
James McGinn
Jim and Mozelle McKenzie
Dr. Carlton J. McLeod
Karen and Ben Medrano
Karen and Jim Meister
Margaret Mergaert
Lester and Donna Miller
Allen and Mary Lee Millikin
Patricia L. Mills
Mrs. Heike Morelli
Doreen Morgan
Judith Mulligan
Tom Murphy
Rosemary and Jerry Naber
Bill and Connie Nebraska
Bill Nee and Adrian Kotik
Shelley Neihaus
Vicki and Greg Nixon
Virginia O’Brien
Ed and Jill Ogden
Woody Ogle
Louise and Gerry Olesen
Judy Olgorman
N. R. Oliveri
Lois O’Mara
Barbara Ouellette
Morgan and Jeanmarie Paterson
Wes and Lucy Pease
Ken Pegram
Jeanne andn Willard Pickrel
Franklin and Lynn Peters
Peggy Pierce
Ronnie and Judy Plageman
Marty Powell
Jack and Paula Pretre
Ellie Price
Marilyn and Fred Pruter
JQ and Peg Quadrini
Robert and Clair Quigley
Millie Quinlan
Dr. and Mrs. George Reisdorf
Jackie Reiss
Angela Ricker
Lou Rilina
Norm and Veronica Roberts
Jeannine Robertson
Doug and Vera Robinson
Dennis and Eileen Ronk
Bill Rose
Bob and Sandra Roth
Doris Russell
Pearl Russell
Jennifer Sable
Vicky Sanders
Helen G. Santoro
Ruth Schar
Susan Shaute
Eleanor Scheiner
Joan Schiller, SFC/Ret
Nancy A. Schiralli
Mary abd Bob Schlumberger
Clarence Schultz
Pat Seiler
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Sheehan
Barbara Shellenberger
Richard and Patricia Sherman
Pauline Shisler
Martha Simon
Carvell and Veronica Simpson
Julia A. Southard and Don Zeigler
Steve and Diane Spengler
Clayton and Barbara Stetson
Donald and Elva Stevens
Sylvia Stimpfle
Margaret A. Stone
David and Evelyn Sweeney
Bob and Judy Teague
Glenn and Kay Thompson
Bruce and Barbara Thornton
Marge Tibert
Jeff and Karen Timm
Jan Torppa
Dale and Mary Twining
Ruth and Bob Urig
Harold and Gisela Vos
Charlie and ‘Bunny’ Wade
Ed and Barbara Waitkevich
Richard and Mary Wanke
Gary and Nancy Weiss
Doug and Trina Welin
Nancy Wessel
Michael Wessler
Dolores Whitelaw
Carl and Judy Wilbert
Lorraine Wilcox
John and Bonnie Wilder
Sam Williams and Karen Bollmann
Carolyn Wolf
Rev. Lois and Walter Wolfe
Jan Woodbury
Diane and Raymond Woodley
Raymond and Sandra Wright
Betty Yerxa and Al Alcox
Lydia Zahavah
Carole Ziemendorf and Jules Fevrier
In Memory Of
Armed Forces…(Richard and Helen Stone)
Armed Forces…(Mary and Jim Tisza)
Steven F. Bach…(Frederick and Sheila Bach)
Dr. James Ballou…(Jessie Ballou)
Ronald B. Barber…(Patricia Barber)
E. J. Bath…(Jerry and Janet Tanner)
Gordon Beckwith…(Sharon Beckwith)
Gordon Beckwith…(Barry and Jean Clarke)
Gordon Beckwith…(Eloise and Joe Coffey)
Anne Beggs…..(Vernon H. Beggs)
Veda Birkman…(Bernice Grunig)
Carlton Burnham…(Lois Burnham)
Len Caflisch…..(Bill and Shirley Goggin)
Citizens of the U.S….(Don and Sue Rockwell Wurm
Edgar Cordle…(Mary Cordle)
Don H. Cottle…(Merle Cottle)
Mark Cram…(Pat Cram)
Lt. Col. Richard D. Crysler, USAF…(Madolyn Crysler)
George and Rowena Cullom…..(Kay Cullum)
John and Helen Fister…(Carl and Judy Wilbert)
Tommy Gamble…..(Mary J. Gamble)
Ola Goldfoot…..(Arnold and Laura Goldfoot)
Charlotte Griffis…..(Tom and Millie Reed)
The Halpin Family…(Dan Halpin)
Thomas J. Hamilton…(Margaret M. Hamilton)
Maureen Hanlon…(Pat and Barbara Hanlon)
Tom Jackson, USN, WWII…(Marcelle Jackson)
Robert and Meta Jones…(Norma H. Jones)
H. Warren (Bud) Kafka…..(Ardeth Kafka)
Jack Keever…(Elsa Pence)
Harold P. Kespert…(Florence Kespert)
George H. Kindler…..(Elizabeth Kindler)
Harvey King…..(Marie M. King)
Harvey King…..(Richard and Julie King)
Lionel King…(Mrs. Lionel King)
Don Lane…(JoAnn Shields)
Robert Martin…..(Shawn Martin)
Margie Mattingly…..(Charles E. Mattingly)
Don Maxwell…(Judy Maxwell)
John C. McDonnell…(Kathleen A. Smith)
Charles H. Milens…(Evelyn Milens)
Laura A. Miller…(Paul B. Miller)
Lynn Niblick…(Walt and Lille Mabie)
Kevin O’Rourke…..(John and Sandy Brex)
Jay Palazzolo…(Lorraine Papazzolo)
Douglas A. Patton…..(Linda Patton)
Gen. George S. Patton, USA…..(Bill and Ann Morrison)
Jason Raasch…..(William and Eunice Raasch)
Merton Rashley…(Barbara Rashley)
Thomas E. Robertson, WWII…(Irene1 Vose Robertson)
Henry Schultz….(Lynn and H.D. Bassett)
Frank Seconi…(Valerie Seconi)
Regina Skaggs…(Cornelius and Kay Gallery)
Gladys Swanson…(Bernice Grunig)
Ronald Tate…(Dave and Phyllis Furman)
Arthur Taylor Tice…(Jerry and Connie Tice)
Joseph Toth…(Mabel Toth)
Dorothy Underhill…(Betty Lattin)
Shirley Wallace…(Edna M. Schmitz)
Bill Ward…(Betsy Ward)
Frank Weir and Em Engert..(Lee Weir)
Harry Wendler…..(Barb Wendler)
Bernard R. Wiebeld…(Linda L. Grimes)
Mary Zimarowski…..(Lois Collins, Emily Reisdorf & Audry Shepherd)


Organizations & Businesses
Citrus Kia
Citrus Springs Community Center, Div. of Parks and Recreation
Cornerstone Baptist Church, Inverness
First United Methodist Church, Homosassa
First United Methodist Church, Inverness
Gaudette Electric Inc., Homosassa
Inverness Elks Lodge 2522
Marine Cops League, Citrus Detachment 819
Military Order of the Purple Heart, Aaron Weaver Chapter 776