The NCCB was founded in June 2009 by a group of musicians with the vision of creating a high quality symphonic band to serve musicians and audiences in Citrus County, Florida. Some of these founders had been members of the Citrus Concert Band, which will be included in this narrative. Together with community backers known as the Friends of NCCB, the new Board of Directors, with new Conductor/Music Director, Cindy Hazzard, set about the task of writing By-Laws, formulating operating procedures, discussing standards of musicianship and guidelines for membership, and funding.

Over the summer, the CCB library was properly catalogued and put in score order, recruitment articles were published in the Chronicle, funds were solicited, folders, instruments and uniforms ordered, and a volunteer recording engineer was enlisted to record concerts. There were meetings at potential venues and with potential backers. By August, the NCCB of 62 members in well-balanced sections was rehearsing at the Hernando Church of the Nazarene preparing for a 15-concert season. The first concert season was a great success with capacity audiences. Near the end of the season, a sponsorship by the Citrus County Division of Parks and Recreation was offered to the band, with the inclusion of a free permanent home for rehearsals and storage of equipment. June 2010, the NCCB moved to the Citrus County Canning Plant Auditorium in Lecanto.

Roy Wilt (a Citrus County music educator) founded a community band in Citrus County in 1988 under the auspices of the Citrus County Division of Parks and Recreation. Originally named the Citrus County Community Band, members changed the name to the Citrus Community Band due to the lack of funding from the County.

Lionel King, another Citrus County music educator, conducted the band in the 1990’s, rehearsing at the Lecanto Middle School. Lionel has attended concerts of the NCCB and is an avid supporter of the new direction taken by the NCCB. In 2004, Lionel, due to other commitments, handed the baton to a group of conductors including Don Rowe, Nancy Gordon, Roger Johnson, Bob McCoy and Lois Burnett. Don Rowe and Nancy Gordon did most of the conducting for five years, until Nancy moved and Don retired in the spring of 2009. During this tenure, the name of the band was changed to the Citrus Concert Band. Twenty-eight (28) members of the Citrus Concert Band became members of the Nature Coast Community Band.

The band has always accepted musicians of all ages, with students as young as junior high and seniors nearly 90 years young. Community bands intrinsically bridge the gap between generations.